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Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions of Carlingford Holidays Limited T/A Carlingford Accommodation. They apply to all bookings but are the sole responsibility of the person who books or lead guest to uphold.


Coronavirus Covid-19 is being treated by Carlingford Holidays Ltd as a Force Majeure event.

Coronavirus update 15/5/20:

In order to protect our customers, from today, the 15th of May 2020, and until further notice, bookings are not been accepted due to the on-going uncertainty with the lifting of travel restrictions and shut down/re-open dates, and with the lack of clarity on any new operational conditions. As soon as these are known and we are in a position to uphold we will again be able to accept bookings. In the meantime, we will record your enquiry details with preferred dates and property and get back to you to confirm as soon as our booking service resumes. Apologies for the inconvenience but the uncertainty our customers are facing with reservations and the related travel plans are at a level that it is no longer acceptable, our confirming of new reservations at this point would only compound the uncertainty and stress our customers are already experiencing.

Coronavirus update 2/5/20:

Government guidelines published 1/5/20 state: The lifting of the 20km travel restrictions and the re-opening of holiday accommodation providers on "limited occupancy" will be on the 20/7/20. However, they warned that the phases of re-opening the country may have to be reversed back a step, if the rate of infection increases significantly as the lockdown is eased. We will publish more details and updates as soon as they emerge. The other easing of restrictions that are planned are: From the 8/6/20 you can travel up to 20km from your home and small retail shops will re-open. From the 29/6/20 cafes, restaurants and playgrounds will re-open. From the 20/7/20 travel restrictions are lifted and holiday accommodation providers are re-open. From the 10/8/20 pubs will re-open. For our customers with live bookings between now and the 20/7/20 please read the updates above and below for your cancellation/re-booking options or contact our help desk directly on 

Coronavirus update 5/4/20:

We fully understand the inconvenience of your holiday being cancelled and having to wait such a long time to enjoy it. However, for customers opting for a credit note/change date option, the impact on our business is that we are effectively providing you with the equivalent of two holidays for the price of one. We have effectively become the insurers of last resort to the vast majority who have booked holidays with us. We do not insure the guests’ holidays, but we have always paid for the highest level of Business Interruption Insurance to cover such eventualities. As you may have read in the press, COVID-19 claims are excluded from this, and we are being denied cover. Therefore, a condition of issuing a credit note for re-booking or re-scheduling is that you understand and agree to the special update 5/4/20 conditions below and that in particular we recommend that you provide adequate holiday cancellation insurance to cover any potential relating losses for any further cancellations.

Coronavirus update 9/3/20:

This is a temporary addition to our terms and conditions to cater for cancellations due to the Coronavirus outbreak and can be subject to change as the situation develops. This applies to bookings made before 9/3/20 only. From the 9/3/20 and for Coronavirus related cancellations two options are available; either our current cancellation terms and conditions can apply (see below), or, we will issue you with a credit note for the amount paid for your related booking to date upon cancelling, that can be redeemed upon re-booking in the future subject to availability. There is also a temporary special update on how any further subsequent related cancellations will be dealt with in the cancellation terms below.


Standard Cancellation Terms:

Cancellations are available to all parties. There is cancellation cost, the rates are variable and depend on how much notice you give, the more notice you give the less the cost. The cost ranges from 5% to 100% of the total payments made to date, 5% of the total payments made to date being the minimum cost. The exact cost will be given to you on the day upon inquiry or you can use the formula below to calculate.

The cancellation rates are:

In the period from booking date to 8 weeks before arrival the cancellation cost will go from 5% to 100% of the 25% deposit price on a straight line increasing scale over this period.

In the period from 8 weeks before arrival to arrival date the 25% booking deposit is now non-refundable upon cancellation. In addition, the cancellation cost will go from 0% to 100% of the 75% final balance price on a straight line increasing scale over this period.

These cancellation terms also apply to a changing of booking date or changing of property but in these cases and 50% discount applies.

Special update 5/4/20; to temporary Corona Virus cancellations terms: Where a booking has been either converted to a credit note to re-book or re-scheduled due to the Coronavirus issue as outlined in the Coronavirus update 9/3/20  above, any further subsequent related cancellation refunds will not be available and we therefore recommend that you provide adequate holiday cancellation insurance to cover any potential relating losses for any further cancellations.

Special update 9/4/20; For all future bookings, cancellation refund insurance is now available from ourselves with two policy options (see below) and these can be purchased upon booking either on our website in the enhancement section of the booking page or over the phone. Otherwise our standard cancellation terms will apply and the temporary Corona Virus terms will not. We highly recommend that you make sure you have your own travel insurance to cover cancellations if you choose not to purchase ours.

A1 Cancellation Insurance; will cost 20% of total booking amount and will provide a full refund upon any cancellation. This expires 1 week before arrival date and is valid for one claim per booking. For multiple property bookings the insurance cost will be 20% of the total cost of all the properties related to the booking. This policy is designed to cover the the booking deposit and final balance payments of your booking.

A2 Cancellation Insurance; will cost 10% of total booking amount and will provide a full refund of your booking deposit upon any cancellation. This expires 8 weeks before arrival date and is valid for one claim per booking. For multiple property bookings the insurance cost will be 10% of the total cost of all the properties related to the booking. This policy is designed to cover the booking deposit payment of your booking.


Check in and Out Procedures:

Two check-in/out options are available; self check in/out (default) or standard check in/out, you choose which one suits you best upon booking.

An email will be sent to you one week before arrival with directions and detailed instructions for which ever check in you choose.

Option 1: Self Check In (Default and available 24/7)

"Self-check-in" If you prefer to go directly to the property, do your own thing, in your own time, we will have the property prepped for this, and don't worry, Caroline or James will be on hand 24/7 on 00353 87 2913682 you need any assistance.

Option 2: Standard Check In (Available 8am to 6pm)

Report to our office for meeting and key collection, we will then take you to the property and check you in. If you are having trouble finding us please just park up anywhere, contact Caroline or James on 00353 87 2913682 and we will come directly to you and take you on to your property. If you will be arriving outside 8-6 office hours but would still prefer this option just let us know and we will arrange it for you upon request.

Standard check in time is between 4pm and 6pm on day of arrival and check out is before 11am on day of departure. An “anytime that day” check in and check out can be available, depending on availability, but this needs to be pre-booked and confirmed at either time of booking or before arrival, charges can apply and will be quoted upon request, they range from 10% to 20% of the daily rate.


Booking Terms:

All bookings are made online on our website and all payments are made by credit or debit cards. A phone booking service is also available on 00353 42 9339511

Gift vouchers are redeemable off the total cost upon booking and are valid for 12 months from purchase date of voucher.

The booking charge is 25% of the total cost if the arrival date is more than eight weeks away. If the arrival date is within eight weeks the booking charge is 100% of the total cost.

The 75% balance is due eight weeks before arrival date. This payment will be automatically processed from the credit card used to make the booking eight weeks before arrival date unless you choose to change credit card details or booking status in the meantime. Notice of this will be given to you by email three days before the payment will be processed. In addition, these credit card details will be used to cover the damage waiver security payment guarantee set out below.

The rates, payments amounts due and when they are due are all clearly displayed for you on our booking page prior to making the booking and associated payment.

The booking is deemed cancelled if the final payment is not paid in full eight weeks before arrival, unless otherwise pre-agreed by us, and the property automatically becomes available to book on our booking system and the cancellation policy then applies.

Provisional bookings or the holding of a property is not available.

Receipts for all transactions will be issued by email.


Damage Waiver Security Payment Guarantee:

Upon making your final payment, you agree to authorise us to take a further payment from the credit card details supplied if required to cover the cost of any damage, loss or additional cleaning to the property should this occur. No payment is processed otherwise. This will apply up to three working days after your departure.


Personal Belongings:

Carlingford Accommodation is not responsible for any lost or stolen property. Any items left behind will be kept for a maximum of one month before being donated to charity.



Pets are welcome provided they are house trained and kept under control.



The maximum number of guests per property is quoted on your booking confirmation. This means; “the maximum number of persons permitted in/on the property at any one time, not number of guests sleeping” and is based on safety regulations including fire escape.
You must not exceed the maximum number of guests. Breach of this will transfer safety liability issues and any subsequent claims for injury, loss or damage onto you, which you agreed to accept upon booking.



Please be aware that some of our properties are in close proximity to local residence, including elderly and very young people and is therefore not suitable for groups engaged in “Noisy” late night parties.  Better to know this before you book as you WILL be asked to leave if ANY complaints are received by us.


Third Party Services:

We need to be informed of, and agree access to, any third parties you are intending to engage for services in the house during your stay. They will need to contact us directly beforehand to satisfy us that they are adequately: insured, competent, licensed and legal. Any services or service providers that we consider not up to standard or will bring disrepute to the reputation of Carlingford Accommodation will not be permitted access to the property. If you proceed without our consent or knowledge this will transfer liability for any resulting subsequent claims for: liable, injury, loss or damage onto you.


Your House Keeping Obligations:


You will receive the house spotlessly clean. Upon your departure we provide the deep cleaning, laundry and setting up however it is expected that you will leave the house largely as you receive it (unless you have booked our housekeeping service for during your stay).


It is your responsibility to ensure:


Rooms, floors, patios and waste bins cleared of rubbish. Cigarette butts lifted and ashtrays cleaned from smoking areas. All rubbish put in black refuse sacks provided, then into wheelie bins. No loose rubbish items in wheelie bins. All dishes/glasses/kitchen utensils to be cleaned loaded in dishwasher and turned on when departing. BBQ cleaned if used. Towels to be laundered placed in shower tray or bath. All house equipment/furniture put back in its place. Cleaning charges will apply otherwise as per our T&Cs.

Specialist Sterilisation cleaning will incur cleaning charges

Confetti or similar can be used but will incur cleaning charges…These last two require significant additional and/or specialist cleaning.









Carlingford Accommodation, its employees, representatives or agents shall not be liable for any damages, loss or personal injury which may be sustained by persons or property at any time during the reserved stay.

By booking you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions.